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How To Conquer Fear

Conquering fear is not hard, it just takes time. Up until now you have allowed fear to affect your life. Starting today, you must make a quality decision to take back control of your life. To do that, you start feeding yourself positive, faith-building thoughts and statements, and you affirm them to yourself personally. The more you feed yourself positive stimuli, the sooner you conquer fear. The best thing to do, however, is to do it everyday, all day. Whenever you have time that does not demand your full attention, you should be drinking in positive stimuli of some sort. There is a variety of ways to feed yourself positive, confidence-building truths. The library has lots of positive, self-help books and tapes that you can use, and we rent them here. However, the best tool to develop faith (which is the Biblical antidote to fear), is right in your own Bible. Since the idea of faith originated in the Bible, it just makes sense that the Bible is the place to go to find out how faith works, and how faith can be developed. 

The key verse in the Bible about faith is found in Romans 10:17, which says: "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

So, the way to strong 'Bible' faith is by hearing God's Word. There are several ways that you can hear God's Word. You can attend a good, Bible-believing church and hear sermons that are based directly on God's Word. You can attend Bible studies at a local church or at one of their home Bible study meetings. You can listen to Bible teaching from the many Bible teachers from around the world, via cassette tapes, video tapes or DVD's, of which we rent. You can log onto the internet and download free messages from many Bible teaching ministries who broadcast via the television and radio. You can listen to faith-filled music. You can find meaningful Bible verses, and memorize them so you can quote them wherever you are. But the best way to apply the Word of God, is to take key passages in the Bible and read them out loud and personalize them. You choose passages that apply to your particular situation and you personalize them as demonstrated below.

Dear God, I thank you that because of what Psalm 94:13 says, "That You may give him power to keep himself calm in the days of adversity, until the [inevitable] pit of corruption is dug for the wicked." (The Amplified Bible) I know that you give me power to keep myself calm in days of adversity, until the inevitable pit of corruption is dug for the wicked.

You can customize these prayers the way you like, as long as the basic thrust of the verse is left intact. We are working on various prayers that have a similar structure to them. Click on the links below to find Bible-based prayers.

I Do Not Fear                                         I am Strong

Pat Robertson Teaching On Fear

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